Community Education

The Guardian Center provides training for professionals, organizations & concerned communities regarding the problem of child abuse and responsibilities of reporting child abuse.

The Center provides sexual abuse prevention programs for pre-school & school age children. 
We also do Darkness to Light training for anyone, if you would like to sponsor a training please call the office and speak with Sheryl Woodham. 

Trauma Focused Treatment

​Without intervention, many abused children suffer ongoing emotional or health problems that may impact them throughout their life.

Referrals are made to trained mental health professionals who will deliver trauma-focused, evidence-supported mental health treatment either in-house or to other agencies,

All services begin after the child’s disclosure and continue until proceedings are finished or the family no longer desires services. The Center provides advocacy, referrals, court assistance, specialized medical exams, multidisciplinary team staffing and training, and community education for children, parents, and others.  All services are in accordance with written county protocols for child abuse investigations and national standards for accredited children's advocacy centers. 


Advocacy for Abused Children

When a case is referred to The Guardian Center, an advocate is assigned to the family. That advocate:

  •  Informs the family of their rights
  •  Explains the abuse investigation process
  •  Gives the family assistance in filing victim’s compensation claims
  •  Provides court advocacy
  •  Offers emotional support and fun activities

    ​Child abuse hurts the whole family, and it is important for each person to receive the     services they need to move forward.  Our advocates also make referrals to therapy       services and connect clients to various agencies in the community. 

Coordination of Specialized Medical Exams

The Guardian Center partners with providers from CMMHRN (Children’s Medical and Mental Health Resource Network) to provide specialized forensic examinations for abused children.  The CMMHRN, a program of the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine's Department of Pediatrics, provides competent, compassionate, geographically accessible care to the children of rural Southern Illinois, making care available where there previously was no specialized care for abused and neglected children.  The Center partners with CMMHRN and other agencies to make decisions that best  protect the child.  

Facilitation of Multidisciplinary Teams

MDT Case Review is the process which enables the various professionals involved in a child abuse investigation to meet regularly in order to monitor current cases and to raise and discuss complex issues.  This formal process fosters collaboration, encourages accountability and helps ensure that children’s needs are met.

Forensic Interviews

Interviewing areas are located in our offices and equipped with state of the art closed-circuit equipment, allowing the interview to be observed from an adjoining room.  

Forensic Interviews help reduce the number of interviews a child will need to go through upon disclosing abuse and reduces the number of interviewers, making the experience less traumatic for the child.  

Rooms are created to be confidential and comfortable for children and families.